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Intuitive Legal are a specialist law firm established in the heart of Manchester’s financial district, providing bespoke services to law firms, litigation funders and other financial institutions.  

Our highly experienced team work closely with a number of high-profile litigation funders, offering a range of services to assist in ensuring their loan book is protected.  

We also work with a variety of law firms assisting them in all aspects of SRA Regulations, working closely with COLP’s and COFA’s to provide advice, updates and support.  

Our expert services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each law firm and litigation funder. 

Intuitive Legal – Legal support for legal professionals.  


Knowledge Hub

Intuitive Legal AML Guidance Series
At Intuitive Legal, we completely understand that the world of Anti-Money Laundering can be very daunting, and with all of the rules and regulations it can be difficult to know where to start 💡 We're excited to announce our new, 10 part blog series exploring all things AML! We will...
Background and Compliance Principles
Welcome to the first instalment of our short blog series, discussing all things AML and dissecting the LSAG AML Guidance document! 🔎 Money laundering is the practice of disguising illegally obtained funds as legitimate income, and criminals use a wide range of vessels and methods in order to do this;...
Policies, Controls and Procedures
The LSAG AML Guidance document sets out a range of the key policies that underpin your firms legal AML requirements. By both being aware of and having an understanding of these principles and the reasons behind them, you can ensure that you are constantly addressing your obligations and working towards...
AML Officers – BOOM’s, MLRO and MLCO
In this instalment of our AML guidance blog series, we will be discussing the key officers you need to appoint within your organisation and their responsibilities. There are a number of crucial individuals within your practice that will have specific responsibilities within their roles, and also require approval and authorisation...

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Intuitive Legal is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under registration number 815976

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