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At Intuitive Legal, we assist with all aspects of setting up a new law firm or acquiring a pre-existing one, from the initial concept all the way through to your first day in the office. We take the headache and complexity out of the application procedure, allowing you to focus where it counts.  

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For Law Firm Set Up

We can advise on a wide range of matters in this area, including support when setting up law firms, setting up and converting to Alternative Business Structures, introducing investors and funders, mergers and acquisitions of firms, and changes in ownership.  

We can also assist with;  

  • Business plan  
  • Shareholder agreements and structuring 
  • Completion and submission of SRA forms 
  • Acquiring Professional Indemnity Insurance  
  • Step by step guidance of the submission procedure 
  • Assistance with role holder approvals (COLP and COFA) 
  • Recruitment of key personnel  
  • Implementing funding lines 
  • Case acquisition in a range of practice areas 

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